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Zmodo Direct is now in the lead with new "SMS Instant Alerts" Application


Here at Zmodo Direct Electronics we have invested a lot of time and effort in the development of where others seem to fail. Have you ever tried setting up your email function alert on your camera system? If you have, you probably wish there was a much faster way to get alerts to your mobile device in the event someone has tripped the motion detect feature. Now this is possible, with any of our MJPEG IP cameras and a 3rd party software called WebcamXP. This new software "WebcamXP" is a very powerful software with a built in DVR function and the ability to trigger custom applications and scripts. The download is free on a 60 day trial and then a license must be purchased. We offer a web to SMS feature that costs only $0.02 which offers 50 text message alerts per $1.00. To set up and configure your SAAS server to work with our application keys and your mobile number the cost is only $29.95. The SMS account is billed at $20.00 + Tax to start and will be billed automatically when the account reaches a $0 balance. Any questions please contact our sales department for more info.