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How Far Can I run Cables for the Zmodo PoE Camera System


Today we did some testing on the PoE system and just how far the signal would run. We came up with the following results.

The Cat5e that comes with the system was the first cable we tested. With this cable, the signal would run 200ft. This cable doesn't appear to be the highest quality cable available, but gets the most basic jobs done. At 250-300ft, this cable would power the IR lights, but the cameras couldn't be detected by the NVR or IPCsearch.

Next, we tested some better quality Cat5e from Keith. At 300ft, the camera would fade in and out. We then cut off about 20 feet and made a new end. At 280 ft, this cable worked just fine and the camera behaved as designed.

If you want to run 300ft, we recommend Cat6. We do not recommend running anything longer than 300ft.

Good Luck!