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At Zmodo Direct, We aren't Opposed to Dogs, We Just Think Security Cameras are Better


Here at Zmodo Direct, we get those people who think they have the solutions for crimes of the home. That is, they seem to think they are safe from robberies and break-ins because they either have a dog, or a gun, or in many cases, both. These are the people that scoff at buying a security camera or system for their home. They tend to believe that they are safe because of their dog, or gun, or both. Let’s set the record straight, guns and dogs are nice to have, but you are fooling yourself if you think you don’t need the added security of a camera system.

Let's throw some obvious facts out there. For example, a gun isn’t going to keep thieves from your home if you are not around to use it. Also, what if someone breaks in while you are in a room opposite of the location of the gun. Guns are a means of protecting yourself, but you will be safer with a security system.  

Let’s discuss dogs for a minute. Dogs are indeed great theft deterrents, and they can be your best friend. But if somebody is sly enough to break into a room your dog can’t access, he’s not of much use. Let’s not forget that your dog may see a crime committed, but he really has no way to provide you with a description of the culprit.

Add one of our security systems to your arsenal and you will be glad you did.