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Why Zmodo Direct?

We're known in the business for selling some of the most affordable yet high quality surveilance systems available on the market. From a simple home installation, to large scale operations, we have CCTV surveilance systems to allow you to see around just about every corner.

We've grown to where we are now, by filling a huge gap in the security camera industry. Previously it was next to impossible to have a high quality CCTV home camera system for less than a few thousand dollars. Several of our security camera systems are under $200, and of higher quality than many of the old expensive cameras still in use today. You gotta love technology! Let us be your Surveilance System provider, and you won't regret it!

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The Best In the Security Camera Business

Over the years we've sold tens of thousands of security cameras, DVRs, cables, and other cctv equipment. We've selected the very best and affordable security systems to offer on this site, based on what we've found to be the best mix of affordable yet functional technology. If there is a custom camera system, or specific seurity camera system you need for your business, don't hesitate to call and speak with one of our highly capable technicians. They are sure to be able to take your needs and turn them into a camera kit that won't leave you empty handed when the theives come knocking! Our technicians will take into account things like the distance you need to see, and what size lens you need to see that distance, or what power supply to upgrade to if you're going to run yoru cable more than 150 feet.

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Our Guarantee

We gurantee we'll give you our undivided attention, no matter how big or small your purchase. We're here to help, and will do everything in our power to answer your questions, and get you the right product for the right job. If we don't know the answer, we'll help find someone who does! We stand behind our products, and want to be a partner in helping you get the very best security camera system you can.